Saturday Carbo-Loading

What do I eat the day before a marathon? Here it goes…


For breakfast I ate part of a piece of Starbuck’s Banana Bread.

It was pretty so-so, but very carb-y!


For lunch, John, Nel, Zach and I ate at Portillo’s.  I had a chili cheese hotdog and cheese fries. Oh Man! Delicious! The chili was spicy and the fries were hot and crispy. And the CHEESE! Mmmmm!


I ate this box of cereal for an afternoon snack. It tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but without all that sugar.  I just might be buying this at the grocery store – it’s great!


For dinner, we ventured into Little Italy to dine at Francesca’s on Taylor. It was fab! I had the linguine with pancetta and tomatoes.

If you can’t tell from the picture, they practically cooked an entire box of pasta for my entrée. And what can I say ate – I ate half! :mrgreen: Good night, folks! I’ve got a marathon to run in the morning! :mrgreen:

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