Race Day Outfit Drama Avoided

We arrived at the expo a few minutes before it opened this morning and stood in line with about 300 other people. Such nerds! 😉 Within a matter of minutes I found my shorts.

They are shorter than I would like, but beggars can’t be choosers. Although, I feel sorry for the people who *might* see my ass fall out. Just sayin’! I also picked up this shirt. Unnecessary, but so cute!

I also picked up some additional snacks. 

Why not? They were giving these away!! And who doesn’t love snacks?  Anyhow, we also did some memory making while at the Expo.  And by this I mean…writing on the white board VW bug…

Can you guess what I wrote?  Finding my name on the Nike Wall of Names (Those running the marathon)…

See it now?

I also posed with the giant “10-10-10” numbers.

And even “in” the numbers!

Good times! :mrgreen:

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