Final Run – Done!

I couldn’t sleep last night. With the temperature forecast climbing for marathon day, I have come to the conclusion that I have the WRONG clothes. I brought 2 pairs of knee-length pants, but should have brought shorter ones. 😳  So, all I could think about last night was finding the right clothes today and wearing them to “break them in.”  Anyhow, this morning I embarked on my final pre-marathon (2 mile) run.  I followed part of the marathon course and it sure inspired my run. The weather was brisk, windy and pleasant. Along the way I ran by this well-known landmark.

When I arrived back at the hotel I knew I needed shorts or some type of compression pants. Can you tell I am paranoid about this now? 😯 To cheer myself up, I made John into an Egyptian mummy!

You know my mission today, friends. Wish me luck!

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