I’ve Got a Friend…And an Addiction

I’ve spent the afternoon working on a few documents, sending out emails and doing research. Fortunately, I have been able to do this from the comfort of a bed. I know this makes me sound lazy, but I am really focusing on elevating my legs in advance of the marathon. It’s all about circulation baby! Anyhow, while working, Jager and Harriet, my dog-phew and cat-iece, joined me in my guest room to keep me company. After a while, Harriet jumped up on the bed and came over for a pet. 

Then she sat on my chest as I was typing.

It was cute for an hour…then I needed her to move so I could type faster.  When I tried to push her away she hissed and got angry.

Then she sat at the end of the bed purring. 

This is perhaps why I don’t have a cat! I don’t like drama! LOL! Also, see these two bottles of water?

I drank them both in 1 hour. Either I am really dehydrated or I am very addicted to Vitamin Water Zero. I think it’s the latter. 😳

6 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Friend…And an Addiction

  1. Theresa R. says:

    My “niece” and “nephew” happen to be cats. We never thought of ourselves as crazy cat people. However, we turned a corner when my mother returned from her Mexican cruise with tiny sombreros for “The Grandkids”.

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