Lazy Sunday in DC

We slept in on Sunday morning…until 8 AM. This almost never happens for the Arnolds. What gives, you ask? Rain! Lots of it! I was supposed to run that morning but when I woke to significant thunder and lightning I rolled over in bed and went back to sleep.  However, I woke up in time to get ready to go to brunch at Georgia Brown’s.  Now there’s a meal to get up for! We had reservations for the jazz brunch and couldn’t wait.  Check out this buffet!

In addition to the buffet, the brunch also comes with an entrée.  Instead of eating myself silly, I only ate an entrée and skipped the buffet and likewise, John only ate from the buffet and skipped the entrée.  My choice of entrée — friend chicken.

How could I not? It is their specialty! Besides, my new eating technique is to only eat 4 to 5 bites of entrees that are not the most nutritious and/or high in saturated fats. After that many bites I usually don’t want much more anyway. That being said, I only ate 4 to 5 bites each of my chicken and potatoes — they were both sinfully delicious.  I didn’t even touch the greens. After our meals, John and I took a stroll over to the Smithsonian and spent the afternoon looking at art. Modern art to be exact!

We both love modern art and enjoyed an afternoon of inspiration and mental stimulation.  In the evening, John and I went on a 5 mile stroll of DC.  Naturally, we ended up spending the majority of our time on the National Mall and looking at the moments. Aren’t they gorgeous by moonlight?

And check out our hotel by twilight…

We absolutely love it! :mrgreen:

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