Saturday Date Night – DC Style

While John watched football, I hit the treadmill yesterday afternoon. 4 miles of speed work and a quick circuit of strength training were on my agenda. I was a little uncomfortable from lunch, but glad I got my workout in. For dinner we went to Proof, a restaurant in the same building where John’s law firm has its office in DC. But that’s not why we went there. We went because the food is Delicious! We began the meal with a cheese plate – Gruyer, Gouda and Manchego.

Super yummy! We then shared small plates of tempura vegetables and chick pea flat bread.

Tasty! Then, we shared small plates of gnocchi and meatballs with homemade ravioli.

Fabulouso! Everything was perfect, especially since we dined al fresco in 60 degree weather! We loved it so much that we took our cookie plate to go and went on a stroll to take in the amazing weather. We ended up walking over to the White House and just relaxing. It was super de-stressing and a great way to end the day. Once we were in our jammies, football on tv, we enjoyed our cookie plate.

Such nerds! Anyhow, it was a wonderful day in DC and we have a lot on the agenda today! :mrgreen:

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