The Arnolds are in DC!

After an early morning flight, John and I arrived in Washington, DC this afternoon. After a long cab ride in heavy traffic, we finally arrived at our destination — the W Washington. What a fabulous hotel! Check out our room!

It’s small compared to Texas standards, but not small compared to DC standards.  Anyhow after checking in and unpacking, we jetted out the door to “U” Street in search of…Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Today’s visit was John’s first and my 3rd.  And what a visit it was! The place was bustling and we waited in a long line before ordering.

On the upside, when we got to the counter we knew exactly what we wanted – chili cheese fries, 2 Half Smokes and 2 Diet Cokes.  Ah, the irony! 😉

We settled into seats by the infamous Obama table. 

Preident Obama ate there 10 days before his inauguration and the seat is forever preserved! While that was pretty cool…it was even cooler to meet the current owner – Nazim Ali! You have probably seen him on TV and he was even cooler in person. He talked to us for a while and even agreed to pictures. 

To boot, the food was phenomenal.  My name is Michelle Arnold I approved this meal!!!

:mrgreen:  Now for a relaxing afternoon!

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