Sunday in NOLA – A Foodie Fantasy

We slept like babies Sunday night! I Love the beds at the W!  After a very relaxing morning, we cabbed it over to Court of Two Sisters for breakfast. Court of Two Sisters is a landmark in NOLA, and because John had never been, it was a must do. The breakfast buffet offered 80 items to choose from, including made to order omelets. John and I started with omelets. I had tomatoes, mushrooms and green onions in mine, with a few pieces of fruit on the side.

John had the same omelet, but with cheese, and he also had a plate of fruit with King Cake.

I went back for a taste of sausage, pasta salad, cinnamon bread and more fruit.

For dessert, John and I shared apple strudel, apple cobbler and a bit more cinnamon bread.

Everything was delicious! Afterwards, we did a bit more shopping, including a stop at Southern Candymakers.

If you haven’t been, then you haven’t tasted the best candy NOLA has to offer. Holy Sugar! I brought back a small assortment to share with my family.

A few pralines, chocolate pralines and dark chocolate covered cherries. Mmmmm! After a few relaxing hours and a nap, I’m not gonna lie, we headed out the door for lunch. To our surprise the hotel offered to drive us there in the hotel SUV! Score! Our lunch destination? Galatoire’s!

Galatoire’s is an old-line restaurant in NOLA and is a must-do. I have been several times before, but it was John’s first visit. Given that it was Sunday there were lots of locals and great people watching (we were seated in the main dining room)! To kick off lunch, we toasted with Bloody Mary’s.

Then, we went straight for the entrees with John ordering red fish and creamed spinach, while I ordered broiled salmon and the special soufflé potatoes.

I can’t tell you how delicious this was. The salmon was cooked to perfection. And the potatoes were out-of-sight! To conclude our meal, John and I shared a piece of chocolate pecan pie a la mode.

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful meal. Naps in our room afterward were a fabulous way to end our relaxing mini-trip, filled with delicious meals! Thank you, NOLA! We Love You! :mrgreen:

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