Saturday in NOLA – A Foodie’s Tour

After an early flight, John and I landed in the Big Easy! We had not been to NOLA as a couple since we celebrated John’s birthday in 2004, so we were really excited to be back. After dropping our bags off at the W New Orleans, we crossed the street and headed to Mother’s.

Mother’s is a “must-do” in NOLA and is famous for it’s baked ham. After waiting in line for 20 minutes (not a long wait considering it is Mother’s) we finally worked our way to the ordering counter.

John ordered “Mae’s omelet” – an omelet with ham, green onion and mushrooms – with a side of grits and a biscuit.

He said it was delicious! I ordered an egg biscuit with sausage. Look at this baby!

John may beg to differ, but I think I out-ordered him. The biscuit was flaky and warm, the egg cooked to perfection and the sausage was spicy and juicy. With a little Tabasco sauce I was a happy gal. Sigh. I love breakfasts like that. Goal #1 – Eat Delicious Food – Check! Afterward, we walked off breakfast by  heading down Magazine Street for a stroll.

We happened upon their Farmer’s Market. There were lines upon lines for fresh peaches, tomatoes, herbs, you name it. We also came across this great glass works store.

Too neat. Then we headed to the Quarter.

Strolling down Decatur we completed Goal #2 – Shop at Santa’s Quarters – Check!

Santa’s Quarters is a year-round Christmas shop and I always get ideas, and decorations, there. After looking around, I confirmed that I am going to do a green and red tree in the main living room this year.

Then I proceeded to load up on green and red ornaments. Look at that smile.

We picked up a few souvenirs in some fun shops, then headed over to Bourbon to complete Goal #3 – Get a t-shirt for John at Marie Laveau’s Voodoo House.

BUT WAIT. As we approached Bourbon Street we noticed a lot of rainbow flags. Nothing new. Then a lot of guys in shorts and skins. Nothing new here either. Then…then it all made sense.  Yes. It’s Southern Decadence Weekend!!!

There were lots of crazy things on Bourbon, that I did not document for the blog. Sorry, kids — it was just too much. But, we did finally make it to the Voodoo House and John did get his shirt! So, Goal #3 – check! We high-tailed it out of there and walked over to Central Grocery to pick up some lunch.

Central Grocery is home to the original mufaletta. We waited in line for 20 minutes, but it was worth the wait. We picked up a half muffaletta, Zapps chips and Peligrinos. We then walked over a mile back to our hotel in the hot sun. We earned our lunch that day! Our room was ready – they upgraded us to a Marvelous Suite(!)- so we ate our lunch in style! It was more delicious then I remembered.

Almost tear worthy. Seriously. Now, check out our swank room! The “suite” was actually a suite! Check out the bedroom and heavenly bed.

And the bathroom.

And the living room!

While I snoozed on the chaise lounge in the bedroom, John watched college football in the living room. It was like we were at home! I woke up just in time to see the second half of the Texas vs. Rice game. Hook’em! While we watched, we feasted on one of my favorite cookie brands.

So good! We had such a chill afternoon – ahh relaxation! Goal #4 – relax – check! For dinner, we made a bee-line over to Couchon.

I have been there several times, but this was John’s first experience. And what an experience it was. We kicked off things by ordering cocktails.

John had a sazerac and I had their Meyer’s Lemonade (made with Tito’s!). We then each had a salad and shared an order of Boudain balls.

John had a zucchini salad and I had the grilled peach and pancetta salad.

John said his salad was not what he was expecting, but was very good. My salad was…amazing. Grilled peaches, mustard greens, pancetta…oh my! It was a flavor explosion. Salty meets sweet! For our entrees, John ordered the beef brisket with horseradish potato salad.

I had a small bowl of the andouille and chicken gumbo.

Ah! These dishes were divine. I love how simple foods can taste so delicious and create such powerful emotions and lasting memories. As if that wasn’t enough, we each ordered a dessert. John had the peanut butter pie.

It was sinfully delicious – a little too rich for me. I ordered the lemon meringue pie and it was outstanding!

The crust was handmade and had an almond, in addition to graham cracker, flavor. Additionally, the meringue was flavored with brown sugar. Tart and light – perfection. We are so fortunate – 3 delicious meals in a beautiful place. What a wonderful day! :mrgreen:

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