A Typical Day in Baytown

I slept in this morning and crawled out of bed feeling like a million bucks.  I slept like a log last night! :mrgreen: After some stretching and a homemade biscuit that my Mom made for me, I headed over to 24 Hour Fitness and pounded out an easy 8 miles.  Isn’t is amazing how rest can make a run that much easier? Note to self – get to bed earlier! Once I got ready, Julie picked me up and we went to Rooster’s for lunch. 

Rooster’s is a meat-market and restaurant that has been in Baytown since 1977.  It’s a landmark in Baytown and since Julie and I had not been there is ages we decided to head over there for a “sister lunch.” Look how cute these rooster tracks are! I love them!

Rooster’s proudly cuts and grinds their meat daily, so it would have been an insult not to indulge.  So we did! Julie had the special of the day – hamburger steak with potatoes and mushrooms. 

I ordered the chicken fried steak with potatoes and a salad. 

Naturally, we cleaned our plates. Just Kidding! We barely made a dent in our meals, although every bite we had was fabulous.  I am sure they didn’t rank high on the healthy scale, but our meals topped the charts on the delicious scale.  To boot, both of our meals plus tea were less than $20.00.  Considering the ultra-attentive customer service we received, I say that’s a steal.  If you make it out to Baytown, go to Rooster’s. You won’t be disappointed! :mrgreen: To make up for our culinary sins, Julie and I threw in another workout this evening. We did 30 intense minutes of strength training.  Now I am exhausted.  Good Night!

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