Tears of a Clown…

As I mentioned earlier, John and I attended the World Trade Soiree last Saturday. To my surprise and somewhat horror, our picture appears in the CultureMap article on the event.  Click here to read the story http://www.culturemap.com/newsdetail/08-31-10-world-trade-soiree-draws-a-posse-of-top-political-guns-to-hotel-zaza/

Here is the questionable picture.

As you can tell, I was laughing, but it appears that my eyes have disappeared!! I look like a Chinese Clown. Note to self: Do not play around with the photographer. Even if you know him. At the moment this picture was taken I was making fun of the chinchilla that is just out of frame. At least he didn’t post the picture of me with my claws out. At least John looks cute! :mrgreen:

To be clear, I am not THAT vain! Just poking fun at myself.  PS – Me loves the photographer. Love Ya DAB!

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