A Night at Quail Hollow

After landing in Houston earlier than expected, I made a beeline for my parent’s house. Since John is out of town I am going to stay with them.  In the spirit of their hospitality, I made dinner tonight.  Since I am a creature of habit, and because they have developed a taste for green chile, I made my green chile chicken casserole and bean casserole for dinner.

Although the idea was not very original, it was still delicious and made me feel right at home.  For dessert, I ran by the newly remodeled Baytown Kroger and picked up these two gems. 

Behold, two of Bluebell’s new flavors — Cotton Candy & Butter Crunch! Damn you, Bluebell. Why do you have to make these flavors so tasty!? 😉

The Cotton Candy flavor is true to its name.  I couldn’t believe it, even after 3 bites. It tastes exactly like cotton candy. And the Butter Crunch tastes like frozen Butterfingers! Wowza! I am glad I am leaving those with my parents because the alternative would be dangerous! 🙂

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