Thursday Ups and Downs

Today has been a really weird day.  Without going into too much personal information, I can share that I have been really tested today – it’s been tough battling a lot of us and downs. For example…

  • Up:  I started my day with an amazing 5 mile run.
  • Down: I got fitted for a heart monitor and will be sporting 5+ pounds of sensors, tubing, gear and an actual monitor for 24 hours.

Don’t I look awesome?

NOT!!! 😳 If I were really brave I would show you the photo of what’s going on underneath my dress. Fortunately for everyone, I am NOT! 😉

  • Down:  My monitor and gear wear 5+ pounds. Everything is literally taped to my chest and is weighing me down. I am miserable.
  • Up: I had a really wonderful lunch at Beavers with my good friend, David.

Friends can truly brighten your life and David certainly improved my day. I am truly lucky to have him as a friend!

  • Up:  It’s Green Chile festival time at Central Market! I stocked up on green chile, green chile sausage, green chile marinated chicken breasts, green chile bread and green chile chips.  Can you tell I Love green chile?
  • Down: I was exhausted after walking around Central Market for 20 minutes thanks to all of the extra weight I am carrying. Ugh. Not Me!

I know what you are thinking – “get over your cheap self, Michelle.”  Well,  I am trying! :mrgreen:

5 thoughts on “Thursday Ups and Downs

  1. Theresa Rodriguez says:

    Michelle–nobody ever looked as good as you while covered with electrodes. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is only an “UP” day for you.

  2. JC says:

    Michelle, I cannot believe it. I’ve been thinking about you since I first saw your post. I’m keeping you in my prayers. And, I completely agree with Theresa. You still look fabulous!!

  3. Mrs. Allen says:

    If you can quad a comment, that’s what I am doing. You actually just look like a curious child playing in band-aids!!! You are in my prayers as always.

    • drcruzarnold says:

      Thanks, everyone. My apologies for being a BIG baby. I know it could be worse.

      I really appreciate your support!

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