Daily Review Cafe

Today I had the pleasure of lunching with Il Divo at the Daily Review Cafe.  This was my first visit to the Cafe, so I was very excited. 

After looking at the menu, I had narrowed my lunch selection to about…10 choices. After talking to the waiter and Il Divo, I ordered the Southern Chicken Fried Chicken. Now, I should point out that Il Divo practically forced me to order this, then he proceeded to order the ever-dainty crab cakes. Thanks, Il Divo! 😉 All said and done, the food was fabulous. 

The chicken fried chicken was delicious – moist and tender while maintaining its integrity on the outside. The breading was perfect and paired nicely with the delicate cream gravy.  The chicken was served with mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas and the corn – although you will notice that I substituted green beans for the corn.  Hey, a girl has got to have her greens! :mrgreen: This was a lot of food and I ended up only able to eat half of the steak and potatoes and all of the green beans.  I am not sure if it was Il Divo’s intoxicating stories or sense of humor, but I paid little attention to the overall ambience of the restaurant. So much so, that I almost didn’t notice 2 friends sitting right next to us. Fortunately, I noticed them and said “hello!” before Il Divo got out-of-hand with his outlandish stories! 😆 I really enjoyed by food and the delightful company. Hopefully I will make it back again soon!

6 thoughts on “Daily Review Cafe

  1. Mandy says:

    Divo sounds like a guy that takes “eating to live” very seriously. There are some food items that are good, but not necessarily good for you.

    Okay, so he had a salad…Does that make him feminine? Of course not. There are guys that will order a Jumbo Jack, 4 tacos and a steak teriyaki bowl from Jack in the Box….or better yet go to Taco Bell and eat a “4th Meal”. However, that doesn’t make them anymore masculine than Divo.

    Come on ladies!…Do you really want to be w/ a guy that wants to super size his meal every time he pulls up in the drive-thru? Or one that orders the porter house steak and pork chop combo when you go to a fine dining establishment? MmmHmm…exactly what I thought.

    Divo sounds like someone who epitomizes healthy living. Is he a personal trainer or something?

    • drcruzarnold says:

      Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. You obviously don’t know Il Divo. Although we are friends, I can share the fact that he is a pusher. And a serious one at that. His attempt to have me add “meat to my bones” also makes me look like a fat-ass at lunch. Do you feel me?

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