Caffe Bello

I am tardy posting this, but I wanted to share our experience at Caffe Bello last week.  Caffe Bello is the latest Tony Vallone venture in Houston, and I think we are in love! We visited the restaurant last week for our date night and we couldn’t have been more pleased. We kicked off dinner by splitting the homemade cavatelli pasta in boar ragu.

It was amazing. Melt in your mouth amazing!  For our entrees, John had the scallops and burrata, and I had the pan-fried chicken and truffle potatoes.

Bloggies, everything was fabulous! Great flavor, temperature and complexity in every bite. As you can see, the portions are small and therefore the dishes don’t overwhelm. To finish the meal, we split the zeppoli.

Sweet divinity.  How can you not love warm dough covered in sugar and dipped in a cream sauce?  Apparently we can’t resist and it’s a good thing I ran 17 miles the next morning! :mrgreen: If you haven’t been by, you should try Caffe Bello – it’s tasty, affordable and brimming with a warm ambiance!

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