Sunday in Santa Fe

So far I have had an amazing Sunday in Santa Fe (I am at the airport waiting for my flight back to IAH)!  After running, I got ready and drove over to the La Posada Resort and Spa. 

John and I have stayed at this hotel before and we love it.  It’s just off the Santa Fe town square and is the perfect place to get away from it all.  This morning I was there to have a massage. 

After traveling from Providence to Houston to Albuquerque to Santa Fe and running over 40 miles this week, an 80 minute deep-tissue massage is just what I needed.  Although at times it was painful, I really needed that push/pull muscle release.  Afterwards, I decided to eat breakfast at the Fuego Restaurant at the hotel. And I am so glad I did! :mrgreen: I ended up ordering an egg-white omelette with green chile, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and Monterrey Jack cheese.  It was fabulous!

On the side I had freshly baked whole-wheat toast with homemade jams (peach, raspberry and rhubarb) and a steaming cup of Tazo tea.

I love everything about this hotel.  If you get a chance you need to stay here. It’s amazing!

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