Rhode Runner

Happy Thursday! :mrgreen: I am on a quick break from the conference so I thought I would share my morning running experience with you.  It all began with a running card that the Westin provided me at check-in.

Seems easy enough, right? Choose a 3 or 5 mile loop and follow the directions to see the beautiful landmarks of Providence, including Brown University. Wrong! 😯 What the card fails to note is that many of the street names change for no reason and that there is a lot of construction going on.  Oh, and they also fail to note that the course is HILLY.  Here are some shots of the opening hill.

On the upside…I did get a great workout and got to see the city before everyone woke up! And, I added some mileage on to my run to check out the state capitol.

It very majestic and stately – everything you want a capitol to be.  All in all, I had a great run, but was constantly confused about where to go and how to follow my directions.  But, what else is new? 😉

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