See Ya Later, Looavuhl

Today is my last day in Louisville.  What a wonderful time we have had here! To kick off the day, Marcus (my colleague) and I went for a 6.5 mile run to the University of Louisville Campus.

Very nice, huh? It was a hot and humid morning, but the change in scenery really helps me get over that.  I’m also going to be a little sad to check out of my hotel — The Hilton Seelbach.  The Hotel is over 100 years old and is done in a beautiful Barivan style. Author Scott Fitzgerald was so inspired by his stay in 1918 that he used the Hotel as the site of Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s wedding in The Great Gasby. There were several events hosted here throughout the conference, including the “Texas Night” reception. Good Times! The Hotel has a wonderful Bourbon bar and tasty restaurant, not to mention a Starbucks.  I also had a nice, albeit small room on the 6th floor.

All I need are a comfy bed and desk on business trips. Oh…and room service, a coffee shop, and fitness and business center. 😳 Anyhow, Louisville was good to me and I hope to return sometime soon!

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