Afternoon Cupcake

I needed an afternoon pick-me-up today and found the cure in my oven…

a Coconut cupcake from Crave! Holy Moly this was delicious!  My only complaint is that the icing is so sweet that I can barely eat it.  What a problem to have though!? :mrgreen: So far, I think Crave’s red velvet cupcake is my favorite.  It’s got a balanced flavor, yet I still find it very satisfying and interesting. What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?  Don’t be shy…post your response! :mrgreen:

5 thoughts on “Afternoon Cupcake

  1. sisterina says:

    My favorite cupcake flavor is lemon, but it is super-hard to find. Runners-up are strawberry and german chocolate.

    • drcruzarnold says:

      Nel – I hate to rub it in…but we had Lemon cupcakes last night. The next time you are in town I will have to get one (or two) for you.

  2. Theresa R. says:

    I’ve never met a cupcake that I didn’t like, but my absolute favorite is the Crave Coconut, followed by Crave’s Strawberry. In my opinion, Crave wins the local cupcake war.

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