Questions from the 111th Mile…

While out running this morning, several pop-culture questions kept repeating through my head.  WARNING: These are not only idiotic, but stem from a normal childhood.  :mrgreen:

– What happened to Levar Burton? Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as Hiiiiggghhhhh

– Why did the game show Fun House end? I really wanted to be on that…

– Does anyone else remember Swans Crossing? Sarah Michelle Gellar was on it!

– What was the point of the show Small Wonder? Seems weird now…

– Do you remember the show Out of this World? Burt Reynolds was on it! It was GOOD!

Nelda and I used to stay up late to watch American Gladiator and Sanford and Son. Sorry people, but we didn’t have cable when I was growing up. Thank Goodness! I obviously watched a lot of TV though, as a kid. Did you? What are your favorite shows from your childhood?

One thought on “Questions from the 111th Mile…

  1. drcruzarnold says:

    Fefe W. shared the following responses on my blog. FYI: LOVE them!

    Soo to answer ur blog questions:
    levar burton went on to be on star trek deep space nine
    small wonder-fab show-the bratty redhead was also on troop beverly hills fyi
    swans crossing also had casper van diesen(if u remember)-the hottie on the show and as u mentioned sarah michelle even pre soap days! she was on all my child…ren or my life to live-cannot remember!
    and the mom on out of this world was also in the john travolta epic saturday night fever. she played the chick in love with travolta on the verge of jumping off of the bridge! loco!!!

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