Nelda’s Birthday Celebration – Part 1

I landed in Austin Saturday afternoon and my handy husband picked me up from the airport! What a happy reunion! We met Nelda and Zach at Enoteca and had a fabulous lunch. I had the muffaletta as my entrée and ordered chocolate biscotti for dessert.

Afterwards, we did a bit of shopping at American Apparel and Lucy in Disguise.  What were we looking for? The finishing touches on our costumes, of course! In honor of Nelda’s birthday, we all agreed to run the Keep It Weird 5K in 80’s apparel. Seriously! I’m so glad we did it because we had too much fun! Check out the Arnolds…80’s style!

The Race was fun and the weather was super hot! Especially in green leg warmers! Even still, we ran only a portion of the course and walked the rest.  Good Times! Check out the entire 80’s Brat Pack – Me, John, Denise, Nelda, Zach, Matt, Jennifer and Taylor.

After the race, we all went over to Doc’s on South Congress for dinner.

Good Times! Great food and company. I had the frito pie for dinner! EPIC!

After dinner…we all went home and slept like babies!! Running in the blazing heat will do that to you! :mrgreen:

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