Working Lunch

I participated in a conference call today so I had to make lunch a working lunch from my room.  Before the call, I ran over to the Corner Bakery Cafe to pick up a few items. 

I must say that I was really pleased with their lunch options! I ended up getting a cup of 3 lentil vegetable soup, a small mixed greens salad and a fruit salad. The soup was so delicious! It had green, brown and white lentils and was brimming with mushrooms and carrots.

The salad was very tasty, too! The dressing was light and almost spicy. 

The fruit was also delicious and fresh! I love fruit salads that come with fruit besides melon.  I love melon, but I also love berries, apple and pineapple!

It’s too bad there is not a Corner Bakery Cafe by my house because I would eat there all the time!  Now that my lunch/call is over I am heading over to my conference. Have a great rest of the day! :mrgreen:

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