Colorado Dreaming

Good Morning! Happy Thursday! I woke up early this morning and took a long walk along the 16th Street Mall. It was fabulous! :mrgreen: Cool weather, shining sun and a light breeze! I was in heaven!

I walked the entire length of the Mall and ended up at the Colorado Statehouse.  It’s gorgeous — especially the roof! On the way back to my hotel I stopped off at Einstein’s Bagels.  I picked up an Everything Bagel with reduced-fat jalapeno salsa cream cheese, bottled water and an iced green tea.

Yes, that’s right.  No, iced coffee…yet. Have a wonderful day! :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “Colorado Dreaming

  1. sisterina says:

    I’m jealous! On my run this morning it was 80 degrees and humid. AND I was bitten by some sort of insect on my lip. I think I ran through a spider web!

    • drcruzarnold says:

      Oh no! I hope it wasn’t a tarantula or black widow!! LOL! I was considering wearing crazy tights for the 5k, but I am thinking it will be too hot. What do you think?

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