Mile Hile Run

Greetings from Denver, Colorado!  I got in very late last night and CRASHED upon arrival at my hotel.  Going from East Coast time to Mountain time blows! 😯 Just kidding — it’s not that bad, just a little different!  This morning I woke up and headed on down to the river for a 5 mile run.  It was gorgeous!

I could totally get used to this!  In all seriousness, I truly believe that running/walking is a great way to get to know a new/familiar location and I highly recommend it.  After my run I went by a local Starbucks to grab a few items for breakfast.

Yes! Iced Coffee! :mrgreen: Here’s a travel tip! I got the breakfast items (bottled water, iced coffee, fruit and reduced-fat coffee cake) above for $9.23. The same breakfast would have cost me more than double at my hotel.  I am not saying that breakfast was cheap, it was simply a more inexpensive option. Easy choice, right? Always consider your options when dining out on the road.  Anyhow, I am heading out to my conference. Have a great day! :mrgreen:

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