Lazy Night In

OK. So I passed on the evening reception. A night out at Red Rock would have been a blast (I have been before – trust me – it can be so amazing!), but the bed, pajamas and my laptop were calling my name a tad more loudly. Instead, I got a manicure, purchased a birthday gift for Nelda, and picked up take-out for dinner.  Interestingly, all this occurred within a few blocks of my hotel — on 16th Street!

This street is closed to through-traffic and is jam-packed with shopping, restaurants and little businesses.  I love that it is walkable, shaded and user-friendly.  Anyhow, for dinner I stopped by Mad Greens.

I had a salad made with spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, grilled chicken, red onion and celery. It was delicious!

I also had a cup of reduced-fat broccoli and cheese soup. It was very heavy on the broccoli!

Now I am resting and working! Lame-o! I am also responding to texts from friends asking me why I am in my hotel room! Hello? Beauty sleep! LOL! You guys have a great night! :mrgreen:

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