Good Afternoon!

I spent a very interesting afternoon at my conference.  Lots of people I know are here, and there are lots of new people to meet! Great discussions and great topics.  Mind Candy! 🙂 Anyhow, in between sessions I snuck back to my room to eat lunch (I was not interested in hearing from the keynote today) and to do a bit of work.  Fortunately there is an Einstein Bagels next door to my hotel!

I had a Good Grains bagel with turkey, jalapeno jack cheese and a smidge of reduced-fat jalapeno cream cheese salsa. Delicious!  I also had a side of fruit and a huge bottle of water.  I am trying to decide if I want to attend the evening reception at Red Rocks tonight.  If I don’t go, I can get a lot of work done and get some rest.  If I go, I can booze and eat up the night with friends, both old and new.  Hmmm. Tough choices…

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