Fablulous Evening!

As I have mentioned, I am in DC to attend training for my new job.  But, this is fun training.  Academic, high-level, policy-wonk, nerd-alert…right-up-my-alley-kind-of-work! :mrgreen: Anyhow, we have been having the most amazing evenings here.  Tonight we met in the hotel lobby for happy hour. Good times. On the way out, I ran into S. Epatha Merkerson. You know, Lt. Van Buren from Law and Order!?

Anyhow, she is staying at our hotel and was on her way to dinner. I confessed my undying love for the show without completely embarrassing myself. Or, at least that is what I am telling myself! By the way, she is much prettier in person!  So…we all went to dinner at Nora’s. Have you heard of it?

Well, it’s an organic restaurant in DC that is a favorite of many celebrities and politicos, including the Obamas! Our meals were fabulous! The service was amazing. The setting was unbelievable.  The company was divine. As if that wasn’t enough, I locked eyes with Rahm Emmanuel on the way out! :mrgreen:  Talk about an exciting evening!

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