It’s Monday! Good Morning!

Greetings from our Nation’s Capitol! It’s a beautiful day here! :mrgreen: I shot up in bed at 4AM (EST) this morning for no apparent reason with a level of energy that surprised me! Oh well! Since the early bird gets the worm I decided to go for a a brisk 3 mile walk on my cross-training day.  I did a pretty uneventful loop that started at Dupont Circle and ended up at my hotel.

Actually, it ended up at Starbucks with an iced coffee!

Big Surprise! :mrgreen: Anyhow, I better get a move on! I have breakfast with a family friend in an hour!

2 thoughts on “It’s Monday! Good Morning!

  1. sisterina says:

    I had no idea you even like coffee, let alone iced coffee?! I love it and thought I was the only one! Now we can share!

    • drcruzarnold says:

      Yes, it is kind of a new thing. I don’t really like caffiene, but have to have it sometimes. Especially when I travel!

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