RunChi Training – Week 2

Today marks the end of my second week of training! 😀 I completed all of my runs and felt great after all of them, including the humid ones! This is what my week looked like:

  • Monday – Cross Training (45 minute eliptical)
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run (treadmill – DC)
  • Wednesday – 5 mile run (National Mall run – DC)
  • Thursday – 3 mile run (neighborhood)
  • Friday – 30 minute strength training/yoga/Rest
  • Saturday – 5 mile run (neighborhood)
  • Sunday – 9 mile run (neighborhood)

I am finding it really hard to balance running and traveling, but I am going to take it one day, and one run, at a time!  I am also going to have to get up earlier for my long runs. I think 6:00 AM is going to be my new Sunday start time! :mrgreen:

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