Dia Cuatro

Holy Sleepy Time! I slept for 9 1/2 hours Sunday night! Wowza! Talk about some great Zzzz’s! Aye Yi Yi! Anyhow, Monday was a big day for me — the first day of training for the Chicago Marathon (it was a cross-training day)! Since we got a late start, we were starving for breakfast. So much so, that after my fruit plate I also ordered two eggs. Interestingly, they also came with bacon, tortillas, chilaquiles and beans. I couldn’t finish it all, but did my best to eat at least one egg. Hey, a marathoner in training needs her protein!

After breakfast we went downtown to do a little last minute shopping. I picked up a few things, including a few Christmas ornaments (yes, I collect ornaments from our travels!). Back at the hotel…it was time to sunbathe and lounge! Ahhhh! For lunch, John ordered the chicken sandwich and I thought I would be adventurous by ordering the hamburger. It came with blue cheese on it(hmmm…that wasn’t on the menu), so I ended up ditching both buns and adding tomato and red onion to my burger.

I also added this heavenly mustard that they brought us. The patty was handmade when I ordered it – I could see and taste the spices and onions in it! Yum! Although french fries aren’t good for you, these were amazing. Crunchy without being greasy or soggy. Dare I say – the perfect french fry? Post lunch, John retired to our room to work (such is life when you are a partner in a large law firm) and I retired to the deck to lounge. That’s mean isn’t it! But, what could I have done? So, I laid around, read and listened to the waves crashing and the sounds of the pool and fountains. Peaceful. At 5, John and I walked to the beach for our 45 minute power walk, followed by a 20 minute swim in the pool. Whew! How is that for a cross training work out? After showers, we relaxed before heading out to dinner at La Casa Que Canta. Ahhhh. La Casa Que Canta. How I love thee! LCQC is a world renowned hotel that is well known for its luxury and customer service. Like the Tides, it also ranks in the top 10 hotels in all of Latin America. In fact, it is consistently rated #1 in all of Latin America! Wowza! To us, however, it is a beautiful hotel, as well as the sight of our wedding reception and beginning of our honeymoon (see their El Murmullo property to see photos!). Anyhow, tonight we were there for dinner. This is first time their since 2007 (they were closed when we visited Z last year). And my has it changed! The entrance is different, but still stunning. The area where we had our cocktail reception is different, as is the location of dinner service.

Sniff, sniff. But the views are still stunning!

My apologies for the lack of photos of the food, but this is one of those places. Very fancy and very private! For appetizers I had the tortilla soup and John had a trio of appetizers including a crab taco and vegetarian tamale. For those of you who don’t know, tortilla soup from LCQC is my favorite soup. Ever. We have usually gone to LCQC twice during each trip just so I could have the soup. And, we served it at our wedding. I LOVE it. For our entrees, I had the beef tips with black beans and John had the filet mignon. For dessert, we each had a duo selection – banana cheesecake and guava moose (me) and banana cheesecake and chocolate pot d’creme (john). Brilliant!  What a wonderful way to end our day and our last night in Z!

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