2010 Chicago Marathon Goals

Because I am a goal setter, you know I am setting goals for the Chicago Marathon.  Here they are; my 7 goals for the next 18 weeks:

1. Adhere to the 18 week training plan (Hal Higdon’s Intermediate I plan) as much as possible.
2. Maintain a healthy and nutritionally-balanced diet. I am aiming for a 55% carbohydrate, 15% fat and 30% protein ratio.
3. Stretch – go to Bikram Yoga as much as possible without interfering with running. Stretching after running is also included here.
4. Run less on treadmills and more on streets and trails.
5. Rest on “days off.” This means no running or walking, but could mean yoga during light weeks.
6. Improve on previous marathon times and set a PR (personal record). This means I am aiming for a sub 4:30 time. A dream goal would be closer to 4:00. Crazy talk would be qualifying for Boston.
7. Have fun and enjoy myself!

Feel free to call me out when I am not achieving my goals! 😉 Or, hey, feel free to cheer me on! I am also pleased to announce that I have my very own secret weapon this time around…my own personal marathon coach! She is fast, competitive, knowledgeable and has completed 3 marathons, including the elite and beloved Boston Marathon. May I present to you (drumroll)… Mi Coach (inside joke!)…Nelda Jeeeeeaaaannnnn Crrrruuuuuuz Hunnnnttttteeer!! Nelda has graciously offered to coach me and even pace me on some of my long runs. She is my hero and will even be in Chicago to coach me from the sidelines and to cheer me on! I hope I make her proud! :mrgreen: Anyhow, here’s to healthy and happy training!

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