Dia Uno

Fortunately our trip to and through IAH was pretty uneventful. Our 2 1/2 hour direct flight to Zihuatanejo was a different story. A group of people on our flight were heading to a wedding in Z, and the woman across from us on the plane (the jet is 3 seats across – 2, then 1 seat) was freaking out. Apparently the plane was too small for her taste and she was terribly afraid to fly. I won’t burden you with all of the hilarious details, but will say that this woman braced herself for our landing and apologized profusely afterwards for her uncontrollable and horrendous language. No one was happier than she was to see the ground!

Nevertheless, the flight made our arrival at La Quinta Troppo that much more tranquil. Ah, home sweet…away from home! For those of you who aren’t already in on the secret, La Quinta Troppo is an amazing boutique hotel in Zihuatanejo.

Owned by an Aussie, the hotel has only 9 rooms and feels like a home instead of a hotel. We Love this hotel and always enjoy staying here. For our past several visits we have stayed in the Neptuno room. We Love It! Each room is unique and beautiful, but this one just speaks to us.

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed with La Quinta Troppo hospitality – margaritas and homemade guacamole and chips! Delicious!

My margarita was so strong that I ended up taking a 2 hour nap! 🙂 After my nap, I read for a few hours then got ready for dinner. To celebrate our arrival in Z, we took a taxi to Ixtapa for dinner at Villa de la Selva.

This restaurant is special to us for several reasons, most importantly because it was the site of our wedding rehearsal dinner. Good times! Anyhow, dinner was fantastic! We started off with appetizers – John had a pear salad and I had tomato soup.

Brilliant. Next, the chef sent out some lime sorbet as a palette cleanser.

Yum! For our entrees, John had the red snapper and I had shrimp with chili fettuchini.

Both we’re fantastic! Savory and satisfying. For dessert, we shared the apple benuelos.

Holy Wow! A bite of the benuelo with a dab of the homemade coconut ice cream was sinful. Truly. After a fantastic meal we headed home for a relaxing rest of the evening. Not a bad way to end our first day in Z!

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