Dia Dos

I woke up early that morning and sat in the hammock. The only sounds were the waves crashing onto the beach and the occasional cheery bird chirp. Ahhh. Bliss! When John woke up he had his coffee, then we hit the beach for a 45 minute walk. The beach was uncrowded, uncluttered and peaceful. Upon our return to the hotel, we sat down to breakfast, La Quinta Troppo style! This means a plate of fresh fruit and a selection of homemade breads.

Delicious! For some protein, John also ordered the Huevos Mexicanos. I may have had a bite or two from his plate!

As we were finishing breakfast, we heard a commotion on the beach. As it turns out, there was a race (run/swim/run) that morning!

We scurried down to the beach in time to see a few people on their 2nd run. Ugh…I sure hope this was a junior division. Otherwise I am going to feel like a complete failure!?

Although, I must say it was nice to spectate instead of participate in a race this time. Afterwards, we changed into our swimwear and sat out by the pool. After a few hours it was time for lunch!  We ordered from the kitchen – this hotel has the most amazing food! John ordered the shrimp tacos and I had the grilled chicken breast sandwich.

To reduce my sinfulness I did not eat the homemade bread! Don’t know if that is a good or bad thing! Anyhow, lunch was as delicious as we remembered. After lunch we spent the entire afternoon poolside. Don’t worry about me – I slather myself in 70 spf, wear a hat and sit in the shade! Lame-o, although my skin will thank me down the road. 😉 Late afternoon I came up to our room to read in the hammock. Instead, I slept in the hammock for 2 hours!

What a nap! Afterwards, we got ready and went to dinner at Il Mare. Il Mare is one of our favorite restaurants in Z.

We go there every time we are there and have occasionally run into Betsy Johnson there (she has a place close by). Anyhow, the food and view from Il Mare are hard to beat!

We started off our meal with a salad (John) and minestrone soup (Me).

The soup was brimming with vegetables – my first real source all day! It was clear that the broth was simmering all day – it was to die for! For our entrees, we both had the shrimp diavolo. Well, except John had the marina sauce and I had the garlic wine sauce.

Silly, John. I believe shrimp interacts well with the acidity of white wine, hence my choice. As I predicted, John was slightly disappointed in his choice. For dessert we each had a frozen pie slice – I had lemon and John had cappuccino.

Heavenly! I know what I am going to make at home now! After dinner we walked 1/2 a mile back to our hotel. It wasn’t hot, so the walk was peaceful and allowed for us to “walk off” some of our meal. Day 2 was fabulous! :mrgreen:

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