It’s 11pm??

Friends, today has been a very busy day! My goal was to tape, prime and paint my office today before heading to do some strength training and yoga. Ha! Ha! Ha! 😆 Silly me! I have obviously not painted much before today!  Fortunately, my Dad came over to lend a hand and some much-needed expertise. We prepped the walls, taped them, and primed them with 2 coats. I was so wrapped up in my painting world that I missed my strength training appointment. Oops. 😳  That’s okay, I am sure I am in for a real ass-kicking tomorrow anyway!  I took a quick break around 6:oo pm to celebrate National Running Day!

I ran 6 miles around my neighborhood and it felt so good! After my run I did some lunges, squats and push-ups and made my 3rd trip to Home Depot today for more supplies.  I just got out of the shower after applying my first coat of paint on the walls. My Dad is coming over in the morning to help me finish up my project.  I can’t wait to get this done! It looks good already! Good Night! :mrgreen:

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