The Men Who Would Be King

On the plane ride to Phoenix I read the book The Men Who Would Be King by Nicole LaPorte. What an interesting read! 

The book details the creation of Dreamworks SKG in 1994 and concludes with the sale of the company to Paramount eleven years later.  As a former communications student and avid reader of gossip magazines, I have always been interested in Hollywood and the movie-making industry.  Therefore this book was a natural choice for me.  One of the most surprising elements of the book is how many of the decisions made by Dreamworks have been previously shrouded in secrecy, only to be reported, quite controversially, by LaPorte. And I thought government was political! If you are interested in reading about the rise and fall of a modern movie studio, look no further. This is a very easy read that moves at a quick pace. Enjoyable and entertaining. You’ll never look at Shrek the same way again! 😉

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