Quick Trip

John and I made a quick trip to visit the Arnold family in Phoenix this past weekend.  Upon our arrival we went to Scottsdale for lunch at Modern Steak.  The food sure was tasty! Steak, shrimp, oh my! Afterwards, we did a bit of shopping before getting settled into John’s parent’s house. After a while it was time for dinner at Si Senor, a New Mexican food restaurant chain.  The food was pretty good, but wasn’t like the food you can get in New Mexico. 😳 On Saturday, John and I hit 24 Hour Fitness for workouts.  We both like to stay committed to exercise, even while traveling. After feeling the burn we really felt the burn (of the sun) at the Phoenix Zoo.

I hate to be a zoo snob, but this zoo doesn’t compare to the Houston Zoo. Not even close.  Even still, I enjoyed the experience, especially seeing the baby zebra!

After the zoo we had a leisurely afternoon of naps and chit chat. Dinner followed at Scott’s (John’s brother’s) house. Of special note is the concert we were treated to after dinner. The special stars? Our nephew and nieces.

Nate played his air guitar and the girls danced! Too funny! The next day we went to breakfast before heading out to the airport.  Here’s a picture of Nate and me with Nate’s snake, Chocolate Monster.

And here’s John and me with Grace and Nate.

Whew! Quick trips make me tired! I’m so happy to be home!

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