Luxury Day 9

Yesterday was a really fun day for me. I woke up early and drove in to Baytown for a dentist appointment. No cavities for me! 😀 Afterwards, I did my usual Target and gas run, then visited with my Uncle Sam and Aunt MaryAnne at my parent’s house. Later, Julie and I went to get pedicures then paid a local visit to our local Planet Liquor. Good Times! We then met up with my Mom for lunch at El Toro. The fajitas are so delicious there! Yummm!!! :mrgreen: After a few hours of relaxing at my house, John and I met up with our friends J&J for dinner at Haven. Hellllloooo! Foodie Delciousland! We started with the Chicken Lollipops and Shrimp corn dogs and then 3 of us (including me) had the pork chops and our 4th had the shrimp. Delicious! We followed up with Mexican ice cream and chocolate tart. I was very satisfied when we left the restaurant last night! Good Times!  😀

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