MDW 2019 – Monday

I was up early on Memorial Day and enjoyed another 5K run on the beach. It was absolutely glorious.

The beach was empty, the sun was rising, and the wind was blowing. 

When I went back up to the room, John went to the gym and I took G to breakfast in the Club Lounge.

We had a nice little breakfast before setting up on the beach.

George loves the beach and water, so he is always game to spend as much time as possible outdoors. 

After a while, I went upstairs to shower, get ready, and to order room service for my crew. John and G came up a bit later and got ready too. We ended up having a really nice lunch in the tool together.

Afterwards, we packed and got ready to leave the hotel.

We made the quick drive to the airport, returned our car, and quickly made our way to the gate. 

We boarded our flight without incident and our flight took off without delay. We all had snacks on board and watched TV on our iPads to pass the time. 

We had a great trip to Florida and hope to visit again soon!

MDW 2019 – Sunday

I woke early (if you haven’t noticed, I am a morning person) and went down to the beach for a workout. I had the beach to myself and enjoyed an easy 5K run. 

When I went up to the room, John and George were up. We went to breakfast in the Club Lounge. I tried to keep it simple and easy…

And then I saw these beauties. When on vacation…

After breakfast, we set up on the beach for a morning full of sand, sun, and play. 

The water was so still that it made it easy for families to play right on the beach line.

For lunch, we retreated to the Club Lounge. George feasted on lentil soup (his favorite!), John had a sandwich, and I had a salad. It as a perfect lunch.

Later, we set up at the pool for the afternoon. We had fun in the pool, but George had the most fun making new friends and swimming with them. It was adorable to watch.

What was not adorable, was the woman who dipped her child in the water instead of using a baby wipe. It was appalling. 

Before heading back to the room, we visited the open house at Nature’s Wonders, the hotel’s nature exhibit. The exhibit features 11 aquariums and all sorts of sea creatures. George loved the Clown fish and I loved the eel. 

We relaxed in the room before heading to dinner at the hotel’s Grill Restaurant. Yet again, George cleaned his plate — this time it was full of salmon, mashed potatoes, and fruit. John and I shared a large steak and sides of potatoes and Brussel sprouts.

For dessert, we shared some key lime pie. Our meal was delicious, the service was on point, but the company was by far the best part of the evening. 

MDW 2019 – Saturday

We slept like logs on our first evening in Naples. 

While George was still asleep, and John was clicking through emails, I hit the beach for a morning run. I had initially thought that I would use the gym for a workout, but how could pass this up?

I did a 5K (boy is running on the sand difficult!), before returning to the room. When I arrived, I took George to the Club Lounge for breakfast. The Lounge offered a continental breakfast spread and it was perfect for us (While we were there, John worked out in the gym).

After breakfast, George and I made our way to the pool and were able to snag prime seating. 

We had fun playing in the water in the morning. John arrived later and joined in on the fun. 

For lunch, we walked over to the hotel’s beachfront restaurant, Gumbo Limbo. The service was great there, although the food was lacking. George had typical kid menu food. and John and I felt so-so about our salad and sandwich. Oh well – there are worse things to deal with in life. 

We set up on the beach after lunch. The water was super still and comfortably safe for children of all ages. 

After a few hours, we were exhausted and retreated to our room for nap/relax time. I napped while John and G watched a movie.

Later in the afternoon, we visited the pool again. I had a good time chatting up some of the other moms there — laughter was had by all! 

We stayed local for dinner and dined at Terrzaza, the hotel’s family- friendly Italian restaurant. We sat outside and apparently made a big mistake — the flies were horrible that night. Blerg

John and I shared a salad, then he had scallops and I had spaghetti and meatballs.

George had salmon, broccoli, and strawberries. 

We were pleased with our food and the service, the only negative was the flies. There were so many flies.

After dinner, we walked to the beach to catch the tail end of the sunset.

It was glorious. 

MDW 2019 – Friday

When we beginning thinking about getting away for Memorial Day Weekend this year, three wish list items came to mind: sandy beaches, warm weather, and a quick non-stop flight. Naples, Florida, fit the bill and because George had never been to Florida before, it was an instant winner.


I woke up super early on Friday morning and attended a 6:00 AM Sonic Hot Yoga Class. It was amazing and I was a sweaty, yet relaxed, yogi at the end. When I got home, John left for his workout and George and I spent time packing, getting ready, and working (me). 

We arrived at IAH just after 10:00AM and it was a total zoo. In a fun small-world-moment, I ran into a friend from high-school and college that I haven’t seen in ages. Once we made it through security, we went to the United Club…which was a mini-zoo inside a zoo. Since it was a holiday weekend, the place was wall to wall with travelers. That didn’t bother G much – he was happy with his crunchy snacks and views of planes.

We boarded our plane without incident and took off without delay. Since there was only a snack service on our flight, we brought other provisions on board. George had a Lunchable and fruit, and John and I had sandwiches.

John spent the rest of our quick flight working, George watched a movie on his iPad, and I watched a few episodes of SNL.

Once we landed, we rented a car and made the half hour drive to our hotel. 

We had a quick and easy check-in and were treated to champagne upon arrival. It was glorious!

After we quickly unpacked, we spent some time exploring the resort. Later, we retreated to our room to relax before dinner. To his delight, the hotel left a nice surprise for George in our room.

 The generous hotel staff also left a gift for John and me.

We stayed at the hotel for dinner and dined at Dusk, a sushi restaurant. 
We kicked things off with edamame before ordering entrees. 

George had salmon and fries for dinner, John had sushi, and I had tempura mahi mahi. Everything was delicious. 

After dinner, we took a long stroll on the beach. George picked up seashells and we watched the sun set. 

It was glorious. 

Long Weekend in NYC


Last Thursday, John and I flew to NYC for a long weekend filled with work and pleasure. Well…we tried to fly out in the early evening, but thanks to very long weather delays, our flight turned into a red-eye and we landed around 6:15AM on Friday. Blerg.

Needless to say, we were exhausted when we landed. But, because I had a VIP meeting scheduled for 9:00AM, we hustled to get to our hotel so that I could get ready for the day.

After my work commitments were over, I walked back to the hotel and took a disco nap while John continued to work. Later, we picked up a late lunch from Cava and had a lovely picnic in Bryant Park.

After lunch, John and I took the subway to Tribeca and visited a Room & Board store. Since there is not one near us in Houston, we took the opportunity to look at some ideas for our new home. In total, we spent three hours perusing the store. It was exhausting, but in a good way.

Later, we walked over to Hudson Yards to do some exploring.

We did some shopping while we were there, and also managed to snag a table at the Tak Room, Chef Keller’s new restaurant, for dinner.

John and I shared a salad for an appetizer and it was delightful. The homemade cheese croutons were amazing.

For my entree, I chose the bucatini…because how does one pass up homemade pasta?

The pasta was divine. We skipped a formal dessert (we ended up picking up some cookies from Bouchon Bakery) and toured the Vessel in Hudson Yards.

The sun was beginning to set, making our experience unforgettable.

Afterwards, we walked back to our hotel and stopped by the Empire State Building. There weren’t lines or crowds and we practically had the place, and the views, to ourselves.


We were up early on Saturday morning. I walked to Barry’s Bootcamp for a workout, and John walked to Soul Cycle for a morning ride.

I had been wanting to try Barry’s for a while, so this was a treat for me. I really enjoyed my workout and left quite sweaty and sore. I picked up John from Soul Cycle on the way back to the hotel and we had a quick breakfast in our room.

Since the weather was gorgeous, we decided to walk through Central Park to get to the Met.

We had such a great time slowly making our way through the Park.

Once we made it to the Met, we explored the new “Camp: Notes on Fashion” exhibit.

The exhibit was glorious.

John and I loved the examples of “camp” that were displayed.

And we also recognized some of the pieces from popular culture.

We were starving after our museum visit, so we picked up food truck fare and had a picnic in front of the Met.

We took a long walk after lunch and ended up stopping by MOMA for a quick visit. Later, we relaxed in our hotel room before getting ready for the evening.

For dinner, we were lucky enough to get a reservation at Per Se.

We had an amazing three-hour dinner full of delicious food and wine. Since our 13th wedding anniversary is just around the corner, we decided to celebrate a little early.

We had grand plans to walk home, but rain prevented that from happening. So instead, we took an Uber to our hotel and promptly passed out into dual food comas.


John and I woke up early on Mother’s Day and we both walked to Barry’s for a sweaty workout.

It was fun working out with John — we should do it more often!

We hurried back to our hotel, packed, and got ready for the day. We made it to EWR pretty quickly that day and our flight departed around noon without delay.

Once we got back to Houston, we met my parents and George at the Rosenberg’s house for a special Mother’s Day dinner.

We had a quick, but great trip to NYC, and a delightful Mother’s Day.

Easter 2019

We spent Easter weekend with my side of the family (the Cruz/Rosenberg/Hunter clan) in Austin, Texas. Overall, we had a great, quiet, low-key weekend.

George and I drove to Austin in the afternoon of Good Friday (John came later because he had a work meeting). Traffic was terrible and I spent the whole time wishing we had a bullet train option between Houston and Austin. G slept for most of the ride.

For dinner that night, Nelda made a great fish dish for everyone. Later, we checked into our hotel (the JW Marriott) room and slept like babies that night.

On Saturday, while John went to Soul Cycle, Nelda and I ran the ASH Dash 5K benefiting the Austin State Hospital. It was a small, informal race and we had fun.

While we were running, all of the kids were at the Hunter’s house where my Mom made breakfast.

Later, we went to Zilker Park with the Hunters, the Rosenbergs, and my parents so the kids could ride the Ziker Zephyr. They had a great time.

For lunch, we went to Home Slice where we had the best pizza ever. We sat outside and ate while the kids played. I am pretty sure this is our favorite place to eat pizza.

For dinner that night, we had a taco salad bar back at the Hunter’s.

The kids played like crazy that day.

When we went back to hotel I wasn’t feeling well, and by midnight, I was pretty sure I was battling the stomach flu. I felt awful. I felt so terribly that I didn’t attend Easter Mass with my family the next morning. It took me about two hours to shower and get ready that day – I was dehydrated, dizzy, and in pretty bad shape. But it was Easter and I was determined to participate.

Once I made it to the Hunter’s, it was time for the Easter egg hunt.

The kids had so much fun hunting eggs, but an even better time cracking confetti eggs on each other.

For lunch, the Hunter’s provided a great spread of beef tenderloin with all sorts of sides. I played it easy because I was still not feeling well. Thank goodness for mashed potatoes.

We left after lunch so that we could avoid rush traffic that evening. George did not want to leave.

He wanted more time with his cousins and my parents.

We had a great time in Austin, despite my brief illness. Family is everything, and it was great to spend time with ours.

Spring Break 2019

We had a really wonderful Spring Break this year. But let me clarify, while George was off for a week from school, John and I were not “off” from work. While we were able to travel and get away for a few days as a family, we were not able to totally disconnect from our work lives. But, it worked for us. 

I kicked off Spring Break early and picked up George from school early on a Friday afternoon. My Mom joined me and we took G to the Rodeo for lunch and an afternoon at the Carnival. To our surprise, he wanted to try Mutton Bustin. He did a great job.

We spent the next few days of Spring Break in Deer Valley, Utah.

We spent the rest of the Break doing other things. George joined me as I worked from home on Thursday of that week. That evening, John and I entertained a few of his clients in the firm’s suite at the Rodeo. We had a great time at the Chris Stapleton concert.

On Friday, my Mom and I took George to the Houston Zoo for lunch and an afternoon of play. George spent the morning with John in John’s downtown office.

On Saturday, we went through our normal routines – John went to spin class and George and I went to our yoga classes, and the swim lessons. We also took George to the Rodeo (Again!) and spent time looking at the animals, the shops, and of course, at the Carnival.

On Sunday, we took George and a few friends to see “Paw Patrol Live.” George seemed to enjoy it, but I honestly think it’s for smaller toddlers. And, for what it’s worth, I thought it was strange.

We are lucky to have been able to have done so many fun things on Spring Break this year. Most importantly, we are blessed to have been to spend so much time as a family.